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The Business-to-Business marketing channel requires a dedicated team of experienced operators who are experienced in gaining the attention of a business owner and engaging with them on a business level.

The benefits of using a dedicated business-to-business (B2B) team are massive and not only include the scalability to expand into different territories and maximise existing territories but there is often a leverage situation with the employees of the business.

Our teams are experienced in delivering across a variety of campaigns and are incentivized to deliver results without compromising on standards.

Our Business-to-Business agents will probably visit 30 to 40 work places in a day. However, as there are many employees there - the ability to maximise each contact is phenomenal.

A quality donor is an employed donor. Recruiting people through our B2B channel can guarantee this criteria is met.


This channel has the least amount of activity or focus from marketing agencies, so the territory is under utilized and returns a very active sign up rate per contact.

We are also able in most cases to be able to sell higher value products in this channel and makes this a very profitable avenue for both Global Interactive and our clients.

Business to Business is a channel that opens up many opportunities for product development and higher value sales.

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