Working with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Over our first 12 months of independent operation Global Interactive Group delivered just over 13,000 donors for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, averaged over a life-time value of 5 years this equals just over $25.5 Million raised.

The initial targets were set and exceeded within the first few months of operations and with this unrivalled capacity – Cerebral Palsy jumped at the opportunity and crafted a fee structure that engaged the focus of Global Interactive for the next 12 months.

Over the course of the 12 months Cerebral Palsy supported Global Interactive with prompt payment, training and assistance in developing our sales solution, in collaboration with WaysAct, we were able to scale up and deliver up to 500 sales in one week.

Global operated this campaign over 3 channels; Door-to-Door, Street (Face-to-Face) and Event sites.

Our Relationship

The relationship allowed us to expand into regional and metropolitan areas across Australia which dovetailed into Cerebral Palsy’s footprint.

During the launch of the campaign Cerebral Palsy introduced a new research product which we were able to add onto our sales pitch and direct the funds raised at therapy in some regions and towards research in others.

Throughout the campaign both parties worked together to ensure that mutually beneficial outcomes were achieved through redesigning fee structures, operational processes and training approaches were all refined to ensure that the best outcomes could be attained.

Volume bonuses coupled with quality guarantees enabled both parties to put aside any micro management and let the sales volume come.

This combination of innovation, flexibility and delivering on promises has forged a strong relationship between Global Interactive and The Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

At Global we are very committed to continue our work with Cerebral Palsy Alliance and we will value their partnership for years to come.

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