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The Global Interactive Group has been providing high quality outsourced sales solution since 2002.

Over the past 10 years Global Interactive have established ourselves as a market leader in the provision of high quality sales. As a company we embrace change, adapt to our clients needs, evolve with technology and recognise and contribute to modern cultural society changes and behaviour.

We have experience and a proven track record working with and behalf of a variety of well known national and international brands, including Blue Chip Organisations. Our diverse experience ranges from representing Non for Profit Organisations, Financial services, Pay TV, Sporting organisations, SEO branding, Educational programmes, email advertising as well as consumer and commercial products.

Global Interactive’s success culturally and historically has come from its own internal people. We pride ourselves on being a fun company to work with! We also support our people through training, education and development of skills as well as provide an iron clad business platform in which people can grow their careers.

With the combination of our experience and culture we have set our sights on achieving best practice, high quality and consistent volume on behalf of all our partners.

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